Bequest Gift

To make a bequest to the Benedict Center, the following language will be helpful to your lawyer:

I give, devise, and bequeath to Benedict Center the sum of _____________ (or otherwise describe the gift or specify a percentage of the estate).

There are three ways you can make a bequest:

1. Specific Bequest: You designate a specific dollar amount, specific percentage, or specific property to Benedict Center.

2. Residual Bequest: Your estate will pay all debts, taxes, expenses, and specific bequests. The remaining amount -- the residual -- will be transferred to Benedict Center.

3. Contingent Bequest: You can ask that Benedict Center receive all or a portion of your estate only under certain circumstances. For example, you can name Benedict Center as a beneficiary of your estate only if there are no surviving close family members.

We make no claims regarding the accuracy of the above information or the tax consequences stemming from your use of it. Please consult with your own tax, legal, or financial planning advisor.